Drywall Repair Newnan

drywall repair newnanHave you got damaged drywall? You’re in luck because we do drywall repair in Newnan! There are plenty different reasons you could have damaged drywall. Continue reading this article to discover all the reasons your drywall could be damaged. When you call Clark Painting and Power Washing, we will come out to give you a free estimate! We can also do other jobs for you! Our other services and locations include drywall repair in Fayetteville, pressure washing and painting in Newnan and the surrounding areas. Drywall repair is a specialty service, so let us begin on your job today!

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Drywall Repair Newnan

Causes of Drywall Damage

There are plenty of reasons your drywall could be damaged or in need of repair. One of the main causes we see for drywall repair is water damage. Unwanted water can come in to the house from leaky pipes or roof damage. If you have a leaky pipe spraying or dripping water onto your sheetrock, stop the leak as soon as possible! Once you get the leak fixed, you need to repair the sheetrock. Drywall is not designed to get wet, so when it does you could face problems such as molding, rotting, discoloration, and chipping.

Another main cause of drywall damage is people stepping through their attic floor and causing a hole in the ceiling. Most attics do not have solid flooring, so when people need to walk around up there, they have to carefully maneuver on the beams. It is easy to misplace a foot and step right on to the unsupported sheetrock. Sheetrock is not meant to be stepped on, so it breaks easily and can give out with enough unsupported pressure.

Accidents happen and unfortunately, this means damages happen as well. We have seen many drywall damages from random accidents. We have seen and heard about damages to drywall from basketballs being bounced in the house, pool sticks, and clumsy people. It is important to understand that sheetrock is not fragile, it just can be damaged if it is hit or smashed into.

We Repair Your Drywall

If you have damage to your drywall, you can probably relate to one of these causes however you may surprise us with your reason for damage. No matter the reason, we fix your drywall and leave it looking seamlessly perfect as it was before!