Pressure Washing Peachtree City

“I have used and referred Joe for painting and power washing many times over the past 9 years and he is fantastic! ”
  ~ Google User Testimonial

PTC Pressure Washing CompanyMy company offers pressure washing in Peachtree City and surrounding cities. My team of professionals work hard at giving you the best pressure washing services at great prices. We have been pressure washing homes, driveways, decks, buildings, churches, and anything else that needs to be cleaned for over 20 years.

In Peachtree City we service both residential and commercial clients. Whether your home is small or big or you have a large manufacturing building or a small office, Clark Painting & Power Washing can take care of your needs. Call today and get a bid over the phone. Almost all of our residential pressure washing jobs can be given a bid right over the phone.

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Our Pressure Washing Services

Driveway Pressure Washing

Driveways can get very dirty in Georgia and every once in awhile they deserve a good effective clean. We offer quality pressure washing for concrete driveways. After we get done pressure washing your driveway you will be amazed at how clean it is and will be shocked at how dirty it once was!

Sidewalk/Walkway Pressure Washing

Whether it is your home or business the sidewalks or walkways leading up to your property is often the very first thing guests see. What do yours look like? If your walkways are looking less than clean, call us today to get a free quote for cleaning them.

Pressure Washing Decks

Decks, outdoor patios, and even outdoor kitchens are not immune to all the dirt, pollen, and debris that can make them dirty. We are skilled and experienced at properly cleaning off decks with our power washing services. After your deck or patio is cleaned you will be sure to enjoy it that much more!

Pressure Washing Houses

From the pollen in the spring to fall weather, homes are bound to get dirty. We love to transform the exteriors of people’s homes by thoroughly spraying the pollen, dirt, and debris off of its surface.

Pressure Washing Buildings (Large & Small)

No matter how small or big your business is we have the capability to pressure wash it. We pressure wash all types of Peachtree City businesses and would love to serve even more. Our commercial pressure washing services are trusted by many and are highly recommended.