Preventing Damage to Drywall

     Nearly everyone has had damages to drywall in their home. There are many reasons that the drywall may need to be repaired, however these repairs can be avoided with simple prevention steps. By preventing damage to your drywall, you can make it last longer and it will need to be repaired much less.

Drywall Damage
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Common Reasons for Drywall Repair

     Before you take the steps to prevent damage to your drywall, you must understand what the main damaging factors to drywall are. Some reasons for drywall damage are roof leaks. If you have a leaky roof, you will probably notice once brown stains start to show up through the sheetrock on your ceiling. It is possible to have some cracking due to the water damage here too. Doorknobs can also damage drywall. When most doors are swung wide open, they are stopped by the wall behind the door. Repeated and rough care to these doors will cause damage to the drywall where the doorknob strikes the wall.

     Moving furniture and hanging pictures with nails can also harm your drywall. Furniture is often bulky and has to be maneuvered throughout the house as to not hit the drywall, but this can be a hard task if you’re not experienced at moving furniture. Many times, broken pipes spew water everywhere and can damage a large area of your drywall. Another cause of sheetrock damage is walking through the attic on the unsupported sheetrock. This is a very common accident and it is very unsafe.

How to Prevent Damage to Drywall

     Now that you know the main causes of damage to drywall, you can make adjustments so you don’t have to repair your drywall as often. Many of these prevention strategies are obvious, but are still good to keep in mind. In order to prevent damage from a leaky roof and leaky pipes, make sure you get them both checked on a regular basis so you can catch the problem before it becomes a real problem. You can prevent damage from the doorknob by quickly installing a door stop. These are very cheap and quite easy to install. They come in a variety of different styles. You can purchase a regular, hinged, or spring style.

     Preventing damage from moving furniture is tricky. The best method would be to hire a moving company to help you, but if you are just moving a couch from one room to another, that may not be necessary. When you are moving furniture, make sure that the piece of furniture will fit through hallways and doorways, and plan out a route.

When hanging pictures or decorations, buy some Command Strips. These leave no damage on the wall and will support a good amount of weight, depending on what you are hanging.

     Follow these steps and your drywall will last longer and need less repairs. In the event that you do need a repair, call a professional so the repair will look as good as new once it is finished. Attempting to fix sheetrock on your own can make the end result look messy and more noticeable than it looked before it was fixed.