Tyrone Painting

Clark Painting and Powerwashing offers painting in Tyrone, GA. If you need painting services, we are the right company for you! Why would you need to hire a professional painter? Anyone can pick up a paintbrush and can of paint and slap some paint on the wall. A true paint job is one that ends up looking crisp and professional. If you need a room, house, restaurant, or warehouse painted call us today!

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Tyrone Painting

tyrone paintingThere is more to painting than being able to evenly spread the paint. Our growing expertise of over 25 years and trained skills provide you with the best services. We offer interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial locations. We are the trusted local company for painting in Tyrone and the surrounding areas. We also provide garage floor painting, drywall repair, and pressure washing services to our customers.

What Do We Paint?

We offer so many different painting services. Listed below are the four main categories.

  • Interior Residential

    Our Interior residential painting in Tyrone surpasses the quality of any other business. When we enter a home to paint the interior, we are extremely respectful of the property. We are sure to be clear in communication with the homeowner, so there are no mistakes made. When we paint in your home, we are very careful to be sure to only get paint on what you want painted (sounds simple but you would be surprised by how some other companies paint).

  • Exterior Residential

    Similar to our interior services, when we paint the exterior of your home, we are extremely careful not to damage any property with our paint or equipment. One mistake many homeowners make is trying to tackle their outdoor painting on their own. Most homeowners do not have the proper equipment which not only leads to a lack of safety, but also a sloppy paint job. Call Clark Painting and Powerwashing to take care of your painting job in Tyrone 30290.

  • Interior Commercial

    Interior commercial paint jobs include businesses, restaurants, and workshops. Our large commercial workshop paint jobs are handled a bit differently. Because the jobs are usually very large and much taller, we really focus on keeping our workers safe on the job. Of course, our priority is the quality of the paint job, but while we are painting we have to make sure that our crew is kept safe.

  • Exterior Commercial

    Exterior commercial painting is treated just like interior commercial. We provide the best painting results along with keeping our workers extremely safe. We plan out every detail of these large jobs in order to keep ourselves safe and so we can provide such great results.