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Founded in 1987

Clark Painting and Power Washing has been servicing customers since 1987. We are currently located in Peachtree City, Ga and service the surrounding areas. We value our customers and our customers value our quality work.

Make the dollar worth more with Clark Painting & Power Washing! We only offer high quality services and with every dollar you spend on our services you will only get the best.
We offer painting services and pressure washing services in Peachtree City and surrounding areas.

We invite you to become one of our satisfied customers and we promise that we will always be a trustworthy painting and pressure washing company!

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Why Hire a Professional Painter?

why hire a professional painter?We are a professional painting company located in Peachtree City Georgia! We provide both commercial and residential painting services for our clients, so if you need painting services in the area, call us today! We service Peachtree City, Newnan, Tyrone, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas! We provide many different services such as deck staining, power washing, and even garage floor painting!
In this article, we will be discussing the reasons why you should hire a professional painter to take care of your painting needs.

Save Time and Energy

Painting a room or a house is a long, demanding task. The actual painting process is long, but it is not the only thing that takes time. Preparing to paint takes a while to do, especially when you do it well! DIY painters know that it can take a long time to choose paint and to get the room ready by taping and tarping. Painting preparation is key to having good results in the end. When people rush through the preparation process (they often do), their painting project is that much less likely to turn out well. When you hire a professional painter, you don’t even need to worry about handling these tasks. The painting process from preparation to clean up is all taken care of by the company, so there is no stress for you!

Clean Lines and Even Coats

Although we would all like to believe we are fully capable of painting our own home, this is simply not the case for everyone. The equation is simple. If you want a professional painting job, you need to hire professional services. We can guarantee that our services will leave your home with clean, crisp lines and an even coat.

Home Transformations

People always say that the quickest and cheapest way to transform your home is to paint it. We agree 100% that if you want a dramatic change that is friendly to your pocket, it is a good idea to paint your home! Painting an indoor room a different color can give it an extremely different vibe. For example, you can bring light and life into your home by painting with bright colors or simply lighter colors.

Deck Staining Peachtree City

deck staining Peachtree CityIf you need a deck stained in Peachtree City, call us today! In this article, we will be discussing our deck staining services and why it is a good idea to have your deck stained. Call us today to set up an appointment to have your deck stained! Our deck staining services are some of the best in town so we encourage you to call us today!

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Deck Staining in Peachtree City

As you read this article, consider having us stain your deck. We also provide our clients with many other services in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, and other areas such as drywall repair, painting, and power washing. If you need any of these services, call Clark Painting and Power Washing today! You can join your neighbors in choosing us to be the most trusted painting and power washing company in the area.

Transform Your Home: Stain Your Deck!

Peachtree City is a beautiful place full of incredible families and nice homes. Most people care about how their home looks and they usually do what needs to be done in order to keep the landscaping and exterior of their home looking groomed. Well, we know one way to “wow” your neighbors! Having your deck stained! The deck is one area of the home that (when not taken care of) can go unnoticed for a long time, but when it is pressure washed or stained, it stands out more than anything else! This is one feature of the home that looks incredible and transforms the surroundings when it is touched up.

Pay some attention to your deck. Can you see dirt and grime in the grain of the wood? Is the stain coming off? If either of these are happening, it is time to have your deck power washed, painted, or both! We know that our deck staining services will leave you completely satisfied, so call us today! We guarantee satisfaction with our services! If you are not satisfied, we will work until you’re happy.